Child Support

About Us

TOOTRiS is the first and only tech-enabled service provider that connects parents with high-quality Child Care in real-time. Using web or mobile applications, parents can find, vet, tour and enroll their children into a program that meets their scheduling and budgetary requirements, using pay-as-you-go options. TOOTRiS gives parents tools for contactless exchange of information with providers, sign-in & sign-out of children, and provides online visibility into the care of their child.

Behind the scenes, TOOTRiS is creating the new Family Child Care Provider economy, providing online resource tools and automation to develop Safety-First Standards of Care and Early Child Care & Education programs that incorporate play-based learning curriculums in small groups not to exceed 10 children.

TOOTRiS enables parents – especially women – to reintegrate into the workforce, particularly after COVID-19, with complete peace of mind, knowing that their children are safe and enjoying fun, high-quality Child Care and education.

Working alongside federal, state, and local organizations, industry experts, early childhood program directors, and most importantly, parents, TOOTRiS delivers an invaluable service that matches the needs and expectations of today’s digitally empowered families in the “new normal.”


Parents can find, tour, and enroll their children in programs that meet their specific location, scheduling and budgetary requirements.
View and compare different Child Care programs that are conveniently located near your work, home, or school.
Beautifully enhanced profiles make it easier for parents to vet and select the best Child Care program tailored to their specific needs.
The TOOTRiS Education Center serves as a database for parents, providers, and employers to find Child Care assistance, education and training, and TOOTRiS resources.


Release Date: June 30, 2020